With vibrant pictures and engaging text, Jesus My Forever Friend introduces Jesus’ love to young children.

Inquisitive little minds and tender hearts learn the Truth that Jesus wants to be their forever friend. Connecting baby Jesus with grown-up Jesus, this delightful, bi-lingual book prepares children to ask three critical questions:

  • What important job did Jesus have to go away to do?
  • Why could only Jesus do it?
  • How can I be Jesus’ forever friend?

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Seeing the world through the eyes of a young child is a wonderous thing. Everything is fresh and new, just waiting to be discovered and understood. The knowledge of Jesus’ always and forever love is the greatest gift you can give to your precious child. Because very young children are not ready to fully understand the concept of bodily death or the miracle of the resurrection, Jesus My Forever Friend presents, in simple language and vibrant illustrations, the Truth that Jesus loves all people and one day he had to leave his friends in order to complete a task that only he could accomplish. His friends thought they would never see him again, but he surprised them by returning. The book prepares the child to later ask important questions about Jesus and how to be Jesus’ forever friend and the text at the bottom of the page provides you with the information you need to answer your child’s valuable questions.

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Jesus My Forever Friend offers a fresh approach to the story of Jesus for young children– the perfect gift for Christmas, Easter, birthday, baptism, baby shower, or ”just because I love you”. Experience with your child again and again this joy-filled discovery of Jesus’ always and forever love.

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Beth Bascom earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Masters of Education from the University of New Hampshire. She is blessed with a faithful, supportive husband, six children, and fourteen grandchildren. Beth desires that all children discover God’s love through the people who care for them and the books that are read to them.

To order your copy of Jesus My Forever Friend, click here.